Wednesday, October 06, 2004

RTT on the move!

October 22, Rikki-tikki-tavi will be on his way to San Francisco via the waterways instead of the roadways (as per the launch)! We¹ve scheduled a haulout for the week starting October 25 at Napa Marina, a facility that specializes in multihulls. We will be applying more CopperPoxy to Rikki¹s bottom and removing an unnecessary throughhull, moving another up a few inches, and whatever other tasks we are able to squeeze into Rikki¹s first time spent ³on the hard². We have reserved an end-tie on F Dock at Ballena Isle in Alameda for the month of November, and possibly December too. We ordered our sails from Jocelyn Nash at Quantum and they should arrive by the end of October. Rikki-tikki is crossing his claws in hopes that he¹ll be able to sail across San Francisco Bay after leaving Napa. Rikki-tikki-tavi is being very docile at his berth on the river (despite the wakes of powerboats), but we expect him to get his bottle-brushy tail in full splender out on The Bay. New MSD! We are going to replace our Lavac toilet with an Airhead composting unit. The idea of designing an itinerary based on the location of pumpout stations and of carrying 30 gallons of effluent in our bow (the weight!) spurred us to investigate the Airhead further. We¹d seen it at Sail Expo years ago when it was first introduced and liked the concept. Friends of Juniata, the sailboat Sarana, has had one for two years and the owners like it. We drove down to visit them in Sausalito when they arrived from Seattle and they explained the ins and outs of living with an Airhead. We promised Geoff Trott, the developer, we¹d replace the photo of our Lavac that is displayed on with one of the new Airhead. Reports of its success to follow. Progress! Our living space in the ³studio² at Mom¹s house is getting less cluttered- we may even find the bed soon! It is a very good thing that we spend each night aboard Rikki-tikki. Mom is being very accommodating and encouraging, ³Just put it up in my attic!² We are managing to discard major portions of our life histories. That part is quite difficult. Several large boxes of books have been donated to the Sacramento Public Library. Truckloads of items have been given to WEAVE and we held a garage sale too. Clark has made room in Mom¹s garage for his tools and shop, so he will be able to complete some projects over the next few months. We are designing the pulpit, pushpit, and hardtop support now. While we are in Alameda, we¹ll have the dodger canvas and sail cover built. The list is quite long, but we are making progress! Last Chance to Visit! We spend every evening aboard, so if you are looking for an enjoyable way to fritter away some time, do come by and see Rikki-tikki-tavi before he leaves the area! Our little dock is at 1977 Garden Highway. Please call first and don¹t come on a Monday night-- the house next door has big football parties and there is no parking! Looking Forward...We hope to see you aboard Rikki-tikki soon. Your friendship and support have been very welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you! Happy trails, Clark and Nina s/v Rikki-tikki-tavi CC40 Trimaran


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