Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sailing on the bay!

(an email from Nina & Clark to Samantha and Michael) Hello Mikey & Sammie, I sure do hope you enjoyed your day aboard RTT sailing on SF Bay! It proved to be quite an exciting and challenging day, don't you think? Great weather, but lots of traffic and activity, and it was only RTT's 4th sail. The other three sails were very tame in comparison. This time we had more wind, big waves, many other boats, an ebbing tide, and a big ship. I am still working on being able to just relax and enjoy the experience, but I'll get there with more time sailing and with gaining confidence. I am determined to have fun and I sure hope you will come with us again. : ) Samantha, it was lovely to have you with us. You are looking well and we hope that you will get back to feeling completely normal very quickly. You are a real trooper and a beautiful person too. Be good to yourself and take care. Here are some photos of the moments of the day... enjoy. All my Love, mom


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