Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Flying a New Flag

Since the year 2007, Rikki-tikki-tavi has flown as his ship's flag the original Earth Day Flag. In all our years of sailing, we have seen only a handful of other boats displaying this flag, and only in small sizes as an adjunct to a country flag. Peace activist John McConnell, who designed the flag using the famous NASA photograph of Earth as seen from outer space, proposed a day to celebrate the Earth and the concept of global peace. Earth Day was first celebrated in the US by millions of people in 1970. It is now observed in 192 countries. According to Denis Hayes, the first Earth Day organizer, it is now "the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year."

Now, we proudly fly the Flag Of Earth.

This beautiful flag was designed in 1970 by an Illinois farmer named James Cadle. He intended it to represent all of Humankind on Earth. James made it his life's work to promote the Flag Of Earth everywhere. He and his wife sewed the flags on their kitchen table and sold them at cost. Many amateur radio operators display the Flag Of Earth. It is flown at radio observatories worldwide. In fact, when Carl Sagan passed away, the Flag Of Earth that is flown over Ohio State Radio Observatory was lowered in his honor.

This is a photograph of the Flag Of Earth waving from the stern of our trimaran as we crossed Queen Charlotte Strait, British Columbia, Canada.

"Its anthem is the wind in her trees
And the waves of her seas."

As we cruised, everyone asked about our flag. It is very striking with its bold graphic design. Even the US Customs officers who work out of Roche Harbor, Washington, questioned us about it, as we expected they would. (Our boat is moored directly behind their floating office.) We related the history of how the Flag Of Earth came into being and received very positive responses from them. The flag earned "flying colors" from everyone who saw it and learned about it. We hope to see more of these meaningful and beautiful flags flying from the flagstaffs and rigging of boats cruising the Pacific Northwest. We are carrying the message of the Flag Of Earth as we cruise Rikki-tikki-tavi. Miss Trilly, our 1979 Trillium 4500 fiberglass trailer, will soon be getting her own Flag Of Earth. You can too! Download printable files or order your own hand-sewn Flag Of Earth. You can even get lapel pins and decals. Spread the message: We are all on this Earth together. 

Quoted from the original Flag Of Earth website:

The song of the Flag of Earth
Sung by this star of Earth,
Is at once across the universe
Unspoken and unwritten.
Looking, listening.
Dream there.
The Flag of Earth whispers to us.
                      The Flag of Earth whispers of us!
                                                The Flag of Earth is you.
                                                                     You are the Flag of Earth.


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