Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 Cruise

Mouat Cove

Rikki-tikki is now snugly tied in his spot behind the harbormaster's office at Roche Harbor, directly astern of the big catamaran named Gambit, which makes a good windbreak. Our sleek trimaran took us on a magic carpet ride all the way to Juneau AK this season. It was our goal to meet new friends and hang out when we found a stop that was particularly enjoyable.

Anan Black Bear

Back in 2007, we did a "great circle" route around Southeast, so we missed all of Admiralty Island and the east coasts of Chichagof and Baranof Islands. This year, we managed to see some new territory and enjoy some warm and sunny days while reveling in the company of new friends. We have acquired a plethora of pleasant memories. Of course, it is Alaska, meaning that there were plenty of gray, rainy days to endure too. We don't usually travel in the rain, unlike our powerboat friends who like to drive wearing their bunny slippers, the heater going and the windshield wipers keeping the view forward clear. We stay put, hunker down, pull out a book to read and wait for dry weather.

We entered Canada through our usual Customs point at Tsehum Harbor on Vancouver Island on May 1st. Rikki-tikki took advantage of his membership in the West Sound Corinthian YC to availe himself of reciprocal privileges at Sidney North Saanich YC. We visited our Seaweed friends, Loren and Sandy, at their home and enjoyed dinner with our Cloudbreak friends, Alan and Bet. Then we made a beeline to our favorite destination, Princess Louisa Marine Park. It was an 84 nm run between Pirates Cove and the dock in front of Chatterbox Falls and we had time to refuel in Edmonds, catch a nice fish for dinner. While waiting for Malibu Rapids to turn, we hovered close to shore in Queens Reach watching a black bear with her cub! For Rikki-tikki's 6th birthday, we opened the boat to the folks on the dock, all of whom we had come to know during our 5-day stay. Tearing ourselves away from the serenity of "The Princess," we turned our trimaran's three noses toward Ketchikan, running while the running was smooth.


TTFN, Clark & Nina

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